My name is Madhusmita Bhuyan and I make a living by working as a Patent Professional. I am also a writer, well, mostly as a passion.

I have a dream to publish a book of my own but that’s a different story altogether, for now.

From hobby to an amateur writer

My writing started as a hobby. I always had a fascination towards books; they were mostly books that tell a story and took me to an imaginary world. As I grew up, my interest was inclined more towards the day to day happenings of the society-happenings that connect one to his/her own feelings and emotions.

Gradually, I started writing about fictional and motivational stuff that dealt with human feelings, and without my knowing, I was lost in the whirlwind of abstract ideas like love, relationship, pleasure, pain and anything that touched my heart. With it, I evolved myself as a writer who is into creative writing. And that’s how the journey as a Creative Writer started.

What started with a pen and paper gradually transformed online through the website Medium. The link to the website is- https://medium.com/@madhus.bhuyan.

This website brought confidence in me to showcase my writings to the world outside. However, I felt I wanted a space more personalized according to my liking and that space should be my very own.

Hence, with this vision in mind and a heart overflowed with emotion, this website “her infinite space” was created so that I can write here at my own accord.

This is my first attempt to create something on my own, and in every step, I will try to improvise my content, so that readers like you can get absorbed in what I write and take home the message of love, positivity and confidence which I am trying to focus on.

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