Love Hurts

Caught in a thorny path, not knowing the way out,
The road once filled with flowers is now nothing but a barren land with dry twigs and withered bushes!

Life is a labyrinth; even a blazing light can’t make you see through.
What was once a place of comfort, is now a well-built cage!

Once the words are spelt out, can you take them back?
The flowing river never takes a turn backwards,
So, baby, neither does what you just said!

It hurts, it hurts deep!
You have built a mountain between us that can’t be bridged.
Or say, I am done proving my worth.
You don’t owe me a dime, not anymore!

I waited for you to say sorry,
And explaining that you don’t mean a word!
But, I was just so wrong!
You think I am worthless, not good enough in any way!
In doing so, you make me lose my self-worth!
I keep trying to prove that I am better, if not the best!
But you repeat the same each time and I go back into my cage!

I cried I sobbed, I yelled,
I rebuked you inside my mind!
I shouted to make you understand,
But you are caught in your own words,
You don’t see the damage you caused!

Maybe, again the next day, you will try to console me when I cry.
But little by little, it seems to make no sense to me!
I have learned to cry and stop on my own!
I love you, but maybe not enough to take your word!

I gave in to your words for way too long.
You make me feel low now and then,
But, I forgot to remember that your words can’t define me at all!
You broke one today, but I will rise the next day.
Growing bit by bit and stronger every day!!

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Hi there! I am a Patent Professional and a writer by passion. This is an attempt to carve a niche in this world through my writings.

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