The world around you dances to your rhythm yet, why do you feel that void?

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On a rainy day, while sipping on a cup of tea,

You are silently praying with folded hands to set your mind free!

Wearing a smile, while burning inside, seemed an uphill task,

But, determined you are, to let go off today, that layer of mask!

But, oh baby, you are so naïve,

Little did you know, I was sitting right next to your way,

Grinning because your prayers will go unanswered, again today!

People like you give me a reason to sustain,

I choose to live with the one who finds no joy and lives in pain!

Today, again, I see you happy and glowing, but I know it won’t last all along,

You can’t choose to evade me, not for so long!

Forget being alone, amidst the crowd you smile and laugh,

But deep within, you know I am sitting right at the corner-

Waiting for you to burst again!

Albeit, over the years, being thick-skinned and all,

You won’t let others see your tears fall!

No wonder, inside you are burning with rage,

Waiting for that avalanche of emotion to erupt inside your well-built cage!

I assure you I will hold on to you,

Not that you want me, but you can’t evade me, not for so long!

Friends and family keep knocking at your door,

Concern and worry loom high on their faces, yet they could not understand you more,

When too many questions bombard your fragile mind,

You shove it all away with a smile, and saying “All okay. I am doing just fine.”

When all this is over and no one sees you,

You tuck your face inside the pillow and cry as long as you can endure,

You want me not by your side,

But you can’t quit on me and this thought swells my heart with pride!

Loomed into an abyss of uncertainty you kept drowning and drowning,

All the while, no one beside but I, taking your side,

Not that you want me, but you can’t evade me, not for so long!

I am your companion (?) next door,

I am never wanted nor desired,

Yet in your weak moment, I come running to you with full vigour!

When the sun is out, and the birds sing-

 You don’t feel the vibrance that it brings,

When the world chimes with happiness,

And no glory or victory makes you happy,

When a friend’s company or the caressing words of your mother doesn’t suffice your inner peace,

When you cry for reasons beyond your control or sometimes for no reasons at all,

Then, it is that time, my friend, when-

You know you are lost in your way and your path crossed my bay!

Yes, I am here in your lane,

Now that I am here, I will stay a little longer,

I assure to stay here with none but only us,

I am a well-known face, and you all met me once, so not so hard for you to guess,

I am what goes by the name called “Loneliness”!

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Hi there! I am a Patent Professional and a writer by passion. This is an attempt to carve a niche in this world through my writings.

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