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A smile is all that matters and our funny guy will make you believe in it

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Do you know a funny someone who always makes you smile? I know one. Today, I am going to write about incidents from his life, which I guarantee, will curve a smile, if not a laugh, on your face!

He was born in the early 90s. He was definitely a beautiful child and this I can vouch for from his old family photos. His eyes are the most attractive feature of his face and it is still the same even though he has grown with age. Rightly said, “Your eyes are your reflection”, so even with passing age your body might change but never your eyes. You can catch a face covered fugitive if you can just dare to stare at his eyes long! Hehe!

Well, that was for the introduction part. Now, without much of a delay let me introduce you to the main plot- the funny guy!

First Plot

If someone happens to ask you randomly about your weirdest memories from kindergarten days, what will that be? Like stealing the girl’s tiffin sitting next to you, hiding the boy’s pencil box because you found it quite appealing, or complaining about your friend to your teacher because he/she was rude to you once, etc. But this guy, the protagonist of my story, was way ahead of any other boys or girls of his age. 

Coming back to the plot, how do you go to school when you were in your kindergarten? Bus, auto, rickshaw, car(with your father/mother etc)..?

This funny guy went to school on a dog’s back! Yes, you heard it right.

Can you imagine that? Of course, the school was near to his house but still-on a dog? Can we even think of that as a 4–5 years old? But he did it beyond our imagination!

This is just one out of the many funny incidents from his life. So, to know more about it, just hook on to my story. I assure you, you will never know what’s coming next!

Second Plot

Now let me tell you about an incident at school.

What do you do in an art’s class? Like a good boy or a girl you take out your sketchbook and try to draw any object, your teacher asks you to, right? In fact, I did the same but I was a horrible sketcher. It was so bad that the art teacher once asked me, “What are you drawing?” with an astonished look. For a record, I was stunned too at her question!

Not funny? Well because I haven’t told you the funny part yet!

My teacher asked all of us to draw a tiger and colour it too. I drew it(God knows what it was) and I was colouring the basic colour of a tiger-yellow base with black spots!

The teacher knew that; even then by the stunned look on her face, you would know she wasn’t joking-it actually didn’t resemble a tiger at all! Thus, her response was so genuine. That time I felt low and sad because I was being laughed at by my peers, however, reflecting upon it now, makes me grin. After all, I also had a funny incident to share now!

That was a small part of my life in the funny boy’s story.

Coming back to the main plot- to our very own art class where we left off. 

The funny guy’s teacher asked the whole class to draw an umbrella (probably was a rainy day, don’t know-never mind). Our funny guy drew one and it was so magnificently drawn that it took his teacher by surprise. 

Unlike his peers who drew a regular open umbrella, he, too, drew one but with a twist- his umbrella was open but UPSIDE DOWN! On being asked the reason he replied, “Sir, it’s raining and the umbrella is wet, so I have kept it upside down for drying.” Imagine now, what his teacher’s reaction would be! He was stunned just like mine but for a different reason. For a 4-year-old, to drive home a concept as such was both hilarious and surprising for all. 

But of course, he is our funny boy and he has to keep the fun element alive!

Third Plot

From a boy of 4–5 years to the age of 17–18, our funny boy has come a long way. But with age, his body wasn’t growing like an adult. He was lean and thin; hardly noticeable, especially among girls. But, what made him stand out was his inherent charisma, his ability to make people laugh and his happy demeanour. He was not only popular among his relatives but also a favourite among the girls of his age. 

And just like that, he made a girlfriend. He might have had many girlfriends before but this we came to know of, so I consider it as first. 

Nobody would have known anyway, had he not made this girlfriend from his mother’s village. A mad lover of 16, it was a trend, much before the frenzy of social media, to write letters to your lovers. Our funny guy wrote one too, but to his utter dismay, his lover’s mother received the letter before the girl could! And then, in a small village like India, one can imagine the plight of both lovers! 

However, for those who can’t, here I am going to tell you. The letter, from the girl’s mother, reached the hands of the funny guy’s aunt and hence from her, the whole family of his got to know about his lovey-dovey sweet secret. The outcome? He was badly bashed, not because of the letter, but because the letter was written with BLOOD! 

Yes, you heard it right. When asked about the same our funny guy had an apt reply, “Uncle please don’t hit me. The blood isn’t mine. It is of the local chicken’s that was chopped at the nearby butcher’s!”

A moment of pause for the audience to absorb his words!

Play with your imagination and let your mind hover to understand what his uncle possibly could have done! 


Without letting you wonder much, I am going to elaborate on the consequence of his action.

His uncle stood there dumbstruck for a while and then broke into loud laughter! So loud that even his neighbours could hear it loud and clear. His anger vanished at one go and he laughed and laughed. He shared the same with the others and together the whole house turned into a laughter session. After all, who could have possibly remained angry at such a reply? They marvelled at the guy’s sense of humour. We still do it now. No wonder, that is why he is the protagonist of my story!


Now a jump to the present day. Our funny guy is 29 years old, but he is still the same, though, can’t deny that he has matured a lot with age. Meanwhile, during these 29 years, he made numerous girlfriends that we can hardly keep a count of. Never had he a dull moment or was left heartbroken- when one was gone the other came by to romance with him in the arena of love! 

Many times he managed with two girls, simultaneously. Don’t know why, but girls did come to him despite him not being so attractive in looks. However the good news- he has finally hitched to one; the one who has finally brought a sense of stability to his life. 

But, once a funny guy always a funny guy; the only change he has brought into his life is that he no longer has to hanker for a new girl anymore!


Not every educated man is educated in the real sense, and likewise, not every uneducated man is uneducated when it comes to living a life with valour. This holds for him too; he doesn’t have a degree and he is super dull academically but he is the kind of guy who knows about the realities of life. He is a popular guy in his locality, just sitting beside him with a cup of tea, you can join all the missing puzzles of your place if you had been out of touch for quite a long time. From politics to movies, to food, to business to everything that can interest a man, is right inside his pocket. This is the reason he can confidently have a conversation with an old man, a middle-aged man, a beautiful girl, a thorough professional or even a teenage kid. He is loved by all. 

He doesn’t earn well; because of the fleeting nature to try new things every time, he can’t stick to one place for long. Maybe, this is how he is and that what makes him unique. It is difficult to please all but he has that inherent in him. Not a soul is displeased with him. Everyone has something good to say about him- a hassle-free ego-less conversation is what he freely serves!

He is highly respectful too, he won’t shout back at an elder, no matter what. He gulps it all and still put on that big broad smile. Our funny guy, in one word, is a gem of a person.


 Oh wait, there are still some other series of incidents from the funny guy’s life that the reader can read and be amused at:

  • Being bitten by cats many times (forgot the count!)
  • Being bitten by a dog left right and centre. Had to be hospitalized for the same!
  • Broken his toe finger and didn’t know about it for months.
  • Was electrocuted at his own house.
  • At the time of need he turns into an Astrologer too(but no written record if his astrology really worked or not!).

Yet, at the age of 29, our funny guy still stands tall and strong!

I hope, a small venture into our funny guy’s life brought a smile to you all. That’s his life’s intention too-to spread a smile to an ailing heart, a tired soul, a despondent being or to anyone passing by and needed a smile!

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