Good food-gateway to a happy mood!

Tips for Happy Cooking- COOK, SHARE, EAT AND REPEAT The other day, after much pestering by my brother, I decided to satisfy his insatiable desire for a tasty non-veg delicacy. So, the thought that came to mind was, why not veg fried rice and a chilly chicken recipe? Having said that, it was I who Read More

A Daughter’s Fight for what’s right

Fright will kill you; Fortitude will build you Picture Courtesy: It was 7 pm and a Friday night. The girls came back from the dining hall and having a jolly time watching movies together. They planned on staying up all night out and watch all the horror movies that they could find possibly on the Read More

Unrequited Love

“I will love you but from a distance…”, says the Cowboy to the Beautiful Brown Lass..! The backdrop is someplace on the outskirts of a village in the Southern part of Ancient India. It was a bright sunny day in the month of Summer. On a deserted road leading to a highway, a horse came galloping Read More