Love connects when miles separate

Loving you once was a choice I made, but loving you everyday-endlessly, tirelessly is my heart’s desire!

Image captured by the Poet

You in a hospital bed,
And I, miles apart when you were being operated!
I grew numb with fright,
A moment as such seemed like a never-ending plight!

I love you and that I know for sure,
But in an ephemeral, I learnt that I love you more than my heart could endure!

I knew, there you were, taken care of by your loved ones,
Yet my distressed mind found no peace-
As you were inside OPD and I don’t know when I hear you next!

My heart was beating fast-

I thought I was strong and won’t let my fears last,
Little did I know, I am an emotional fool,

And only wearing a layer of being too cool!

I was nervous, I was scared,

I feared the moment you went inside and no text came from your side!
I could tell none, so in my journal, I penned down my deepest fear-

Not mincing one word as I described!

The wait was on until I got a phone call after an hour and how!
To let me know that all went fine-

You are out and all right for now!

I had a sense of joy-a smile frantically curved my lips,
“Thank God” was all that I uttered!
I knew, now was not the time when I could talk,
Yet, 24/7 I held on to my phone-

Lest I miss a call from you when you could!

And just like that, my prayers were listened to,
After 2 hours you made a video call,
I uttered not a word except being grateful to see your view!

It was just noon and the day was not over yet,
I did my regular chores, all the while thinking about you,
I took a nap while putting the phone right beside my ear with the volume loud,
The wait was too long but I was not giving it up, not so soon!

By evening, when I was trying to do a craft to set my mood-
A message popped, “I love you”
Yay! It was a text from you!
I jumped and caught hold of my phone to reply to,
It felt like a lifetime of being away and I knew you felt it too!

“I love you so much and I know it today <3”, was the reply I typed,
I meant it all- eyes filled with tears that I couldn’t help not wipe!

I was nervous, I was sad,
I waited from morning till night to hear a word from your side,
I missed you and kept staring at your photo keeping it aside,
I don’t remember the fights, not anymore,
All I wanted then was to hold you tight and kiss right there on your forehead!

I want this moment to liven up the love that we already have,
I know you are enough for me and I am for you,
Take my words, one final time-I love you more than I could ever think of,
But for now, get well soon baby, was all that I could ever wish for!

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