Love- an ethereal emotion

When Love overpowers you…

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On a moonlit night,

The silhouette of you and me lit against the darkness of the night.

The nights we shared,

The days we cared,

Those moments of togetherness never let me break apart.

The words you speak,the smile you give,

All lingering in my mind’s eyes.

You hold me in the cocoon of your arms,

The warmth of your kiss, the touch of your lips,

Seems like forever be mine.

Your whiskers, when you rub against my soft skin…

Sends a tingle deep down my veins.

The aura of your skin, the toughness of your chin,

Makes me craving for you more and more.

All I want then is “that moment” stays forever be mine.

Oh dear! Hold me together again,

Let me feel the breathe of your soul,

Let me skip a beat to feel your heartbeat.

But then why you say I am not yours?

My heart breaks in bits and pieces,

Every night and day I crave for you,

But you hurt me why to which I have no clue.

Stubborn I am, jealousy grips me at times,

But all I do is because in my heart all I have is you.

I stumble, I fail, I care not when you need me the most,

And I fail to show the love buried deep inside my soul.

But dear! Oh dear!

Hold me still then…

Because my heart is honest and pure,

Bear with me,trust me with the words I say,

Because all I can say is that I don’t lie,

You are the gift I treasure to keep aside,

Because I love you with all my heart💓




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