Wedding tale of my best friend

The wedding bell chimes and our bride is ready to take the ride, all filled with love

“True love stands by each other’s side on good days and stands closer on bad days.” – Unknown

They are not just words but they convey the true essence of marriage- a union of two souls in mind and body!

Ah, why am I talking of marriage and union and souls and stuff like that? Any guesses? Nope. Not my wedding. Still got to wait for some more time before that big day happens! For now, it’s my best friend’s wedding that I am going to write about.

This bespectacled bubbly, funny, ever so smiling, mischievous, vocal (born with a Freudian slip actually) is the bride of the day. Also, she is one of my best friends in a group of 4!

The Bespectacled Bride <3 (captured by author)

This girl is married now, became a bride and a wife in a matter of one day. Unbelievable!

When I say unbelievable, I mean it’s hard to imagine Priyam or Voda (as I lovingly address her like that), growing up and being so matured enough to start a family of her own. This eventually happens for all but when it comes to someone you grew up with, it is difficult to imagine!

Ethereal Beauty (captured by Raktim bikash photography)

She was not someone I started a bond with, on a happy note. Looks are deceptive and in her case, it proved just right. Her bespectacled face, with bob cut hair falling right below her ears, gave the impression of a studious and serious girl. But that wouldn’t have bothered me at all. What bothered me were the rumours that were floating in the air- “Priyam has got attitude.” “She is rude” etc.

I did not make an effort then, to frame my own perspective about her, rather I believed what others have to say.

Learnt a lesson for a lifetime – “never trust others until you see it for yourself!”

After a gap of two semesters, now in the same branch, when we finally bonded, I realised what a gem of a person she was! Oh, how glad I was to find a great partner in her. I was happy to be wrong about my perception of her. She was a breath of fresh air- it is just so easy to make her laugh and because of her laughter, I find ways, now and then, to crack a joke as no matter how lame it is, she will laugh!

I still remember, during the 6th semester I had a heartbreak (quite silly as I feel it now) and couldn’t sleep for days. I had my exams knocking at my door. For the first time in my life, I was totally unprepared for it. I was aware of the outcome yet didn’t know how to put my mind into studies. It was tough back then.

My girls came to my rescue. Junali, Sreya and Priyam helped me cope up with my studies, teaching me what I couldn’t decipher as I was too busy shedding tears. They gave their best to prepare me for the exam at stake. For this, I couldn’t thank you enough girls. Had it not been for you, I couldn’t have passed with flying colours. Thanks, from the bottom of my heart!

Priyam especially went a step ahead and came to sleep with me, as sleep was elusive to me. She caressed my forehead and concocted some stories of her family. That night, in the cocoon of her arms, I felt so comforted that within minutes I fell asleep after days/nights of discomfort. This small deed had a lasting impression on my mind and for years to come, I will cherish this in my heart.

That is why, for her, I always say, “You are my pillow on rainy days!”

Exhausted enough but always selfie-ready! (captured by author)

Our bond strengthened in these four years of graduation. From there, I moved to Ranchi for my master’s and she stayed back to complete her MBA.

The fast forward-our journey started in Guwahati but didn’t end there. I left for Bangalore in search of a job and she followed, after a gap of a few months. If that was not enough, the Universe conspired to bring us together again-this time she moved to Hyderabad for a job after I moved in there!

However, that was the last time we were together in the same city. Things followed, we moved apart in person, living in different cities yet always available for each other at just a phone call away.

Now my go-to partner is married to the love of her life. The sight of seeing her laughing and enjoying her wedding, contrary to keeping a solemn face like most brides, just made me so happy. The spectacles sitting right on her nose suited her flamboyant personality just so well. Initially, I too wanted her to remove the glasses for good photos, but quickly realized she looked her prettiest best in those pair of glasses only. That’s her charisma and that’s who she is!

Just so proud of you, gal!

The Bride who rocks in specs (captured by Raktim bikash photography)

Having written so much already, yet I wouldn’t stop without wishing you the best that life has to offer.

May the force be with you- the journey of togetherness is going to be tough but it will be all worth it as you will be walking hand in hand with the love of your life!

Union of love and equality (captured by Raktim bikash photography)

Your mother, wherever she is, will be so proud of the confident lady you have become in these years! With every smile of yours, your mother will be smiling too, showering love and blessing to the happy couple!

Happy Married Life, sweetheart!

Pallavi-rock-solid partner of fab4 group (also my constant since school days), the one with calm and matured demeanour, stood by me all throughout the ceremony, witnessing our Voda walking the aisle with the king of her heart!

Three partners of Fab4 (captured by author)

And last but never the least- Sreya, the 4th partner- the petite one with a smile glued to her lips always, was present virtually all throughout the important ceremony as she couldn’t be available in person.

Sreya, along with Pankaj, her husband and our dear friend! (screenshot captured by Sreya)

Together, in the presence of her loved ones-family, relatives, cousins, friends and we- “the Fab4”, our Voda got hitched in the most beautiful and heavenly way!

However, I couldn’t wrap it up, not until, I introduce to my readers the girls that build up the amazing group “Fab4”- the ones who were there for each other all through ups and downs, celebrating each other’s moments, laughing together, being a shoulder to lean on when life is not fair, sharing deepest secrets with no worry of ever being leaked, bursting out in joy, yelling in pain or simply just blurting out in frustration! We did it all!

So, here they are- my amazing fab4 viz. Pallavi (left), Sreya(centre), Priyam(you already know!) and all wrapped in yellow that’s me!

The complete picture of Fab4 (captured by Kakali Das)