Of “Love” found and lost…

Hold yourself together, girl, before you break apart!

By Jurica Koletić in Unsplash

I come back to you, embracing you, with all your weakness,

A precarious soul as you are-
Your bereaved eyes chastise my non-forgiving heart,

I wish to hug you then, for one last time, and forgive you for all your meanness!

I want to hold you by my side but, thought as such, is what I have forsaken,
My heart quivers with pain,
Years of love yet no love remains- a feeling that makes me deeply shaken!

Your betrayal breaks my heart apart,

Wondering why is love not enough with just one?

What went wrong that you drifted apart?
Distressed mind and a despondent heart sought for an answer,
But, not even a word of acceptance came from your part!

I gave it all, my heart, and my soul,
Fairy tale romance is what I sought for,

Alas, little did I know that it works not in a way as I hope for!

With a sense of fright, I wake up,
Pangs of emotion-all sadness and tears grip my soul,
Yet, I pray for your good, I pray I forgive you if I could!

In a world far apart, where we are no longer one,

I wish we meet someday and maybe, that day you come back to me-

Not to live a life together but with a word saying “Sorry”-

Maybe, that will be the day, I will find the closure I am waiting for!

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Hi there! I am a Patent Professional and a writer by passion. This is an attempt to carve a niche in this world through my writings.

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