Love-Now and Forever

When a fight goes deep, remember love is always there to make you breathe!

Inebriated he and I,

Bouts of anger, loud cries and fights,

Losing sanity and weariness was way too high!

Finding the edge of the bed, we fell into a slumber,

Long before we could make up by hugging each other!

Morning seems not right without him besides,
So, I left where I was and crawled towards his side.

But, only to realise, that the feeling was just mutual as ever!

He missed it too, not having me besides,
Before I could hug him tight, he slouched and grabbed me towards his side!

And, under the cocoon of his arms, he hugged me tight as if to not let me go apart,

Forgetting the fights of last night before bed,

He kissed me right there on my forehead.

A moment as such swept my heart away,

A long kiss on the lips and life felt surreal!

The warmth of his arms and his whiskers touching my chin,

Is a moment I long to hold on deep within,

And whilst wrapped around each other’s arms, 

We lost track of time!

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Hi there! I am a Patent Professional and a writer by passion. This is an attempt to carve a niche in this world through my writings.

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