Before, After and Life in Between!

Living the life that we never thought was coming!

I wake up to another mundane day,

Tucked in bed and contemplating what’s in store for today!

On a phone call away he stays,

Yet no hope of going out for a dinner date!

Sitting on the bed table and sipping on a cup of coffee,

I gauge on the work at stake while scrolling through emails unread,

And this routine of working from home repeats day after day!

Life now is all being in pyjama pants,

What felt like wearing a new lipstick is a feeling I no longer want!

Just like that days pass on and on,

And, before, after and life in between unfolds, making my heart withdrawn!

At times, Insanity drives me crazy,

But Yoga keeps me sane and lively!

When anxiety grips me at times,

Meditation calms my distressed mind!

I miss my new dresses and wonder when to wear them next,

I miss being on trips, the parties and the gala time with friends,

To book an instant movie ticket and watch all alone or with friends beside,

To take the long route to a place less explored by,

Or simply hop into the mall for some crazy buy!

Life was moving swiftly then,

Has come to a standstill and I still wonder how and when!

It’s uncomplicated and simple now,

But humans love exploring the hurdles more,

Free-flowing life seems lost in the maze of a future unknown!

This is how life moves on and on,

And, before, after and life in between unfolds, making my heart withdrawn!

Not all days are gloomy though,

My family beside me keeps my nerves in control!

Talking, laughing and sharing household chores has made us love each other more and more.

When missing touch with the outside world grips me hard,

I close my eyes to feel my heart,

And then a smile beams on my lips!

I am grateful for my family 24/7 besides me now,

I smile at having a safe abode to live and food to feed my belly,

I smile at having fresh air to breathe,

I smile at having all luxuries right at the comfort of my home!

I smile now, with a curve wide, for all reasons that I ignored for so long!

Good days will come for sure,

The world will open up for everyone to embrace,

You and I will go back to life like before, 

With a heart fearless and a mind bereft of worry!

The hurdles will come again, yet the joyous meetups will fill the air with love,

No more wearing masks but hugging each other tight,

And, Life will just be the way we always want!

But, till the time comes I will cherish these moments with people close by,

Small wonders they are, but I wish to live it now, before I fail to realize!

May the good day comes, 

However, the days now, are just never to miss living for,

These are moments, soon to become memories,

And in-between moments and memories I will relive once again-

While my heart still contemplating everything about-

 Before, After and Life in between!