Being Her-Flawed yet Beautiful!

Nonetheless, the world might be against you, but the belief that you are your best version will help you fight through…

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She is not always glorious,she feels low, she has wrinkles too! Some days she feels the prettiest but some days are just gloomy and sad…

Sometimes she is filled with exuberance and dreams for the stars…
Yet, on days when she is low she just needs a tight hug and a word of assurance saying “I am there for you!”

But, tell you what- she is a fiery being, she aspires to touch the sky, yet humble and grounded to balance her life with the ones she cares..

Despite her trials and tribulations,her zeal, her passion become a butt of jokes for commoners like you and me. People mock at her dreams but her vision never gets blurred.She turns a deaf ear to them and treads towards her destiny because she knows what she wants and she knows how to achieve it too!

Yet, human she is and has emotions too. She gets hurt, bruised, abused by the people she loves! Yet, she puts on that smile and let the tears chide away. She shows herself as being the strongest, but in the heart of hearts she is fearful;she longs for someone to hold her,carress her and wipe her tears. Cacophony of emotion plays havoc on her mind yet she lets the storm die within her. She longs to cry aloud, shout and abuse at being hurt yet all she manages to do is smile and say, “It’s all okay. I am fine”

She rises with elegance, she is appreciated for her work. Awards and rewards find their way towards her, yet, she hears whispers of people saying, “Of course she is a girl, so she got it”. And at that one go, the world seems so alien to her once again; baffled by such remarks she seems to question her own credibility and wonder if she is worth deserving!

The world judges her. She falters again, breaks down, cries, but with a heart filled with hope she rises once again. Her battle is not yet over. She knows she will fall, the world will make her fall again but she knows she can’t let the words of other dictate her life. This cycle will keep repeating on its own, but every time she will rise stronger than earlier. She will write her own destiny and life will be better again (or so she hopes!)

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